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      School Counselor Article

World Opinion Article

      Building Windmills in the Green Economy

      Is Education the Economy Fix?

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        Interests and Activities

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Evaluation Resources

Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education

NCCC and Career Development

Top Tools for Job Seekers

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Pre-K and Career Development

Big Myth About the Military

        Primum Non Nocere -- First Do No Harm

Fixing a Faulty Social Media Reputation

        The Goldilock Challenge:  Getting Postsecondary Education Just Right

ASVAB Articles in

        Joining the Military

        The ASVAB is Your Key to Joining

        Scoring High on the ASVAB

        Studying for the ASVAB

        Score High on the ASVAB

        Six Solid Study Strategies

        Eight Best Career Options

        Retaking the ASVAB

        Learn More, Earn More


        Pre K Standards for Teaching and Learning

Assessment and Evaluation Pieces

Nine-Step Evaluation Process    
    Decision-Making Chart
NCDA - AACE Standards for Assessment and Evaluation
    Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education
    Rights and Responsibilities of Test Takers

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   Would You Like This Occupation?

    Selecting the Right Assessment

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