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 IT Tools for the Technologically Timid

Are you tired of paying big bucks for technology capability that you only use occasionally? Are you an independent consultant or entrepreneur who wants to use technology to get your message across? Are you a trainer or educator who wants to incorporate audio, video, screen sharing, and other creative tools into your courses? Do you want to save money while still using very capable tools that will help you reach your goals? If so, this book is for you.

This book is for people managing a small business who want to use technology tools to work better, smarter, and more efficiently. It is for individuals who want to provide enhancements to their training. It is for individuals who want to have a greater outreach to promote their products and services. It is for teachers, trainers, business managers, or even for persons who want to have closer ties to family and friends. Why is it for you? Because there are tools in this e-book which will help you do things easier, faster, better, and with broader range and impact.
Happily, many companies have created wonderful tools that are offered for free. I am not referring to free trial products, of which there are many, but honestly free tools that are quite capable of satisfying your technology needs. You know these tools are out there and available to you, but most of us don’t have the time nor patience to do the necessary research. And even if you do, it is often hard to determine which tools are really the best and easiest to work with.
I’ve done that work for you! I have scraped the websites, interviewed people, located tools and tried them out so that I can be sure they will work for you saving you hours of work.

Among the many free technolgy tools you will find in this book are:

Creating websites

Screen capture

Making pdfs from text files

Making text files from pdfs

Holding webinars

Conducting online training

Holding conference calls

Making video calls

Collaborating on document creation

File sharing

Sending large files

Scheduling meetings and appointments with large numbers of people and several possible meeting times

Conducting polls and surveys

Realtime feedback from polls and questions

Convertising video and audio files formats

Creating videos and podcasts

Screen casting (video recording of your screen)

Checking your online reputation and brand

Managing appointments

Backing up files

Zipping and unzipping files

Making business cards

Extracting email address from mailing lists

Creating brochures and resumes

Making bibliographies

Checking for plagerism

Correcting spelling, grammar and word usage

I have purchased books that say they are providing free tools for people who want to market their efforts and have paid upwards of $150.  You get this e-book for much less because I want to put these tools into your hands so you can expand your efforts and reach your goals for far less.


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